Sunday, December 10, 2023

WazirX’s crypto campaign “WazirX Warriors” India’s Crypto Army

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Hackers looted millions of rupees worth of bitcoins by hacking several big accounts on Twitter. We could not stop hacking but bitcoins could be saved if people had the right knowledge and understood that Nobody will give free or doubled items like Bitcoin. This is not the first time that crypto has been lost due to a lack of knowledge.

Keeping these things in mind, WazirX, one of the most trusted exchanges of crypto, has started a campaign called “WazirX Warriors” India’s Crypto Army. The aim of this is to give the right education of crypto to not only India but people all over the world Any person who is interested in crypto and wants to give knowledge of crypto, as well as people, can join this campaign.

Knowledge – Bitcoin and crypto is a very big subject and no one has complete knowledge of it, you will get that knowledge here. Understand WazierX, understand its principles, mission, as well as portals, apps, and services.

Become a Crypto Teacher: Tell people around you about crypto. Protect and inform them of scams and deception. Tell them how to protect their crypto. Create an organization Has a crypto meeting in your city. Join online and offline conferences of crypto. Conduct webinars.

Online Work: – Crypto-related videos, articles, tweets. Staying active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram. Create videos in your language related to crypto. The crypto blockchain distributed information about bitcoin.

Show off Show WazierX how many people you helped. Answered the questions. Provide information about screenshots, photos, videos etc. WazirX will show it to the world.

What will you gain by being a part of it?
* The people of the crypto world will get a chance to increase their information.
* Training and reading material will be available.
* Opportunity to join Binance Academy.
*, First of all, you will get information about all the activities of VarizeX.
* Direct contact with the WazirX marketing team.
* There will be a chance to write on the WazirX blog where there are 3 million readers every month.
* Make good videos that WazirX will post.
* Special passes will be available at the event of WazirX.
* Chance to attend offline meeting.
* Can become a crypto merchant of WazirX.
* A chance to present WazirX at the meeting.
* Chance to become host and speaker.
* Identity on social media.
The most important thing is that you will get the honor of becoming a soldier of the Indian Crypto Army.
You can also get financial benefit here.
* You can get incentives ranging from 10 $ to 1000 $.
* Every meeting and webinar will get money.
* Every video / artical will get money.
* Benefit on completion of each partnership.
* The advantage of adding every single crypto teacher.
* Benefit from everyone who connects with your referrer.
There is more to the Warriors of WazirX.
So this is the program of WazirX where you will educate people about crypto and also with a good income, you will get a chance to connect with the world’s best exchange. You can fill this form to join this campaign.
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