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Beginner’s Guide How to create NEAR Wallet

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NEAR is a separate blockchain than Ethereum. In this article we will guide you how to create a Neo wallet for free. Why Neo wallet? Unlike other wallets, you can create your own custom wallet name.

Step 1

First you need to visit the Neo Website and click “Create Account”.  If you have already created an account then click the “Import Existing Account”.

Step 2

In the 2nd step you need to choose your custom account name. NEAR Wallet is appended by .near, which is part of the account name. For example, choosing whale will create the whale.near account name. Once you click on “create account” you need to accept the terms and condition.

Step 3

Select account recovery method. In this you will be asked to select methods of account access. Note: You can change it once account is created. Neo wallet supports 4 recovery method – seed phrase (Recovery Phrase); connecting Ledger hardware wallets; email; phone number.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

If you have you can connect your  Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S or X. It will provide you highest level of security while using it.

Recovery (Seed) Phrase

If you don’t have a Hardware Ledger this will be the alternative. In setup Phase you will need to copy down 12  seeds word recovery phrase. We suggest you to store it in a safe place, if you loose the seed words you will loose your account forever.


Email and phone will be less secured as compare to others. Not: Use this option for only lesser amount. A verification code and recovery link will be sent on mobile or SMS.

Step 4

This is the last step where you will need to fund your account with Near, the minimum amount which need to be invested is 1 Near. On the same page you will get the address where you need to deposit it.

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