Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bitcoin again ready to go above 60 thousand dollars. ADA also a new height.

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Bitcoin can once again make a quantum jump in terms of price. Right now the price of bitcoin (18 March 12 pm) is trading near $ 58830. Bitcoin came down from the previous price of $ 61844. Its price on Tuesday Had gone down to $ 53271 but on Wednesday the price went up and the price reached 58974. Looking at the 4-hour chart, bitcoin is looking very bullish and hopefully, we can see bitcoin at a new high this weekend. Huh. Talking about the price, 70,000 dollars can be a new stop for bitcoin. For the next 8 to 12 hours, bitcoin is showing a lot of bullishness. Bitcoin has been charted by MMCrypto on Twitter, where it is seen trending at a trendline. According to this chart, bitcoin is also seen to go above 60 thousand. If bitcoin is above this in a day’s candle If it remains, then the price can go up considerably.

Cardano price on the new record.

The coin that is being talked about more than bitcoin in the crypto market at this time is ADA. Its price was being watched by traders for a long time and ADA is currently running above $ 1.40 which is 104 rupees in Indian rupees. The ADA was at its maximum price on 27 February and at this price, it has come 3 years later and that is why it is trading at number 3 on the coin market. Everyone is very bullish about the price of the ADA and that is why the trader’s feelings with the ADA are taking it even higher. If you guess the price of the ADA, soon it can go above $ 2. ADA is testing the highs of three years ago and is currently priced above that. If a one-day candle is above 104 or 105 rupees then we can see a huge jump in the price of ADA this week. There is little possibility of bitcoin going down in the market and in such a situation the possibility of a fall in the price of ADA is also less.

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