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Why? Chetan Bhagat is worried about crypto.

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Today a writer writes what makes Bollywood look at his article and a film is made on his article. . To write something that people like, even if there is a controversy with it. Chetan Bhagat is a good writer but it is not necessary that people should like everything he says or writes. It is in the country and it has been used in different ways in our country.

People know Chetan Bhagat as a writer but few people will know that his field of studies has been related to economic subject. As a banker, he has done very little. Whenever a banker about investment. If we talk, he will talk only about traditional investments because what we read is the same knowledge that develops us further. On the basis of this knowledge, Chetan has made a tweet in which he writes “Too much interest in crypto and imaginary trading worries me . Investing, trading, speculation and speculation are all different. Investing works on a long time period basis. Speculation is a pleasure but a lot of risk. Don’t go crazy and don’t burn your hard earned money”.

Such a tweet cannot be expected from a personality like Chetan, but he is a writer and has knowledge of financial matters, so it is surprising if this tweet has been done by him. Chetan should read and understand about crypto Because he hasn’t studied the subject and it’s been too long since he left the job of a banker. He probably has little knowledge of how to invest and trade in crypto because he is a supporter of traditional investing. Crypto has changed the world of investing in the last ten years and the world of crypto and blockchain continues to expand. Chetan may not have spent time on this subject so his knowledge is very little. Crypto investing and trading is not speculative but This is a complete topic knowing that we can increase our investment in a better way.

All over the world today rules are being made and progress is being made on the subject of blockchain and crypto. Countries are making bitcoin their currency and working to promote its use. The world’s largest companies invest in bitcoin and crypto At the time of Corona, when all the sectors were facing recession, then the crypto world has grown manifold. Chetan probably forgot to read that Indian projects like WazirX and WazirX in the crypto world in the last few years. Matic has brought laurels to the country with its technology across the world.

Often people are resorting to bitcoin or crypto to make headlines too. Many people have done this type of tweet even before Chetan for cheap popularity. Chetan’s tweet may not be about crypto in that way The way we are seeing but it is negative about crypto. There are many more topics in the country itself to worry on which he can write a lot with his pen and we will also be waiting for that Chetan Write something better by taking the right knowledge about crypto.

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