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Top NFT Projects 2021

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Determining what NFT projects are worth your time can be a labor-intensive process. Those who are new to the blockchain sector may feel overwhelmed trying to decipher the terminology and features. Luckily, you don’t have to spend the next week doing heavy research. Here are the top NFT projects to watch in 2021. 

Wall Street Baby

Wall Street Baby rides the meme-inspired NFT craze. Users collect and trade rare digital cards that feature unique works of art. The concept builds on the Wall Street baby meme by placing the well-recognized infant in a business suit in all types of interesting scenarios.

The project offers users a couple of ways to get their hands on these collectibles. You can purchase the NFTs outright, or you can earn them through your participation. You will need to hold a certain amount of the platform’s native governance token, WSB, to be eligible for these rewards.

Notably, not every Wall Street Baby NFT can be earned or purchased. Some are issued based purely on luck. These tokens are one-of-a-kind digital assets that feature some of your favorite crypto memes, such as Elon Musk holding the famous Shiba Inu from the popular meme and Dogecoin logo. 


Hashmasks is one of the most popular NFT platforms at this time. Users bid on custom masks. Each mask features five different characteristics that add to its scarcity, such as eye color, mask, skin color, character, and item. Currently, there are over 16,384 unique digital portraits from 70+ artists.

Traders have flocked to Hashmasks due to its dual layers of scarcity. Unlike the competition, the rarity and value of each of these NFTs is not predetermined by the developers. Users can use the NFTX Hashmask Index (MASK) to scan through this collection of living digital art with ease.

Yield Optimization Pad (YOP)

The Yield Optimization Pad (YOP) is a non-custodial NFT Ecosystem that consists of a proprietary wallet, DEX, marketplace, and launchpad aggregator. This all-inclusive approach has helped the platform secure $26,000,000 USD of tokens and liquidity to date. 

YOP was built from the ground up with the goal to streamline the onboarding of new users into the market. Investors can see most of the top and rare projects here. There are reports, stats, reviews, and other vital data to help you make an informed decision. 


SoRare is a football-based sports memorabilia NFT platform and fantasy football protocol. The network allows soccer fans to collect and trade NFTs of their favorite players from across the league. Best of all, these limited edition collectibles are endorsed by 41 football clubs.

Collect your favorites and then take your team to victory. You can manage and trade players directly from the user-friendly interface. Each of your players gains points based on their real-life performance. Best of all, the network hosts weekly free tournaments for all users. The winners receive additional prizes for their participation. 


If you are looking for hi-end NFT art, MakerPlace is worth checking out. Users can buy, sell, and trade authentic digital art on the blockchain using this network. Additionally, artists can submit their top creations to the market. Unlike the competition, you can publish your NFT art on the platform for free.

MakerPlace has authentic digital creations brought to you by some of the most reputable artists in the scene. Each artist is provided a unique wallet to manage their works and each piece of art is digitally signed by its creator. In this way, all parties have access to an immutable record of proof-of-ownership.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks takes the NFT art trend and combines it with an AI algorithm. Users can pick out certain criteria for their custom-designed NFTs, and the platform will automatically create a unique work of digital art to meet your needs. You get to watch your NFT get created and if you approve of it, purchase it directly. 

Art Blocks is one of the first NFT platforms to utilize programmable on-demand generative content. Each NFT is stored as a generative script on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, you can scroll through the network’s exclusive Blocks Curated Collection if you are looking for already created masterpieces. 

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is the best-known sports memorabilia NFT platform in the world. The network was launched as a collaboration between the NBA and Dapper Labs in July 2019. Users interact with the platform by purchasing random packs of highlight clips. Each package has a different cost and scarcity.

There is also a marketplace that allows collectors to trade their NFTs with others. As you could imagine, NBA fans have flocked to this platform which has helped to boost the value of these NFTs to impressive heights. In February, a single clip of Lebron James dunking sold for nearly $200,000.


CryptoPunks was one of the first NFT platforms to enter the market. It’s credited by many as the spark that launched the current NFT art mania. On the platform, users collect misfits and eccentrics. There are only 10,000 24×24, 8-bit-style pixel art images available to the public.

Each CryptoPunk is a unique work. Consequently, these NFTs have seen a considerable rise in value since their original launch date. Today, to get your hands on a CryptoPunk, you should be expecting to shell out thousands or more. For example, On March 11, 2021, CryptoPunk 7804 was purchased for 4,200 ETH ($7M+).

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