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The Future is Green With NEAR Protocol

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Do you know how much it hurts the environment When someone do any crypto transaction? A report by Nature Climate Change made an alarming statement that Bitcoin alone could produce enough CO2 emissions to push global warming above 2°C in less than three decades. Yes, you read it right. The carbon dioxide emitted from the steak system damages the environment.

The NEAR Protocol minimizes the carbon dioxide released when using its platform. To save the environment, NEAR is also planting trees. NEAR is associated with the South Pole, a leader in building low-carbon emission projects and providing climate support. The NEAR Protocol was awarded the 2021 Carbon Natural Product Award for planting and generating less carbon dioxide from its projects. The NEAR Protocol supports three green projects- Kariba Forest Protection, Vegachi Forest Restoration, and Afognak Forest Carbon. The Near Protocol was awarded the ‘Climate Neutral Product Label’ by the South Pole. The Near Protocol believes that we can protect the environment by planting trees.

Though it will not make much difference as the technology used by humans is damaging it excessively. If we change the technology, reduce carbon, and use dioxide generating technology, we might save nature.

You can bring any ERC20 token on the NEAR network after using Rainbow Bridge. You can then transact all your tokens using this blockchain.

For a decentralized protocol like NEAR, it does not matter that not every participant is carbon neutral, but the network should be carbon neutral as a whole. The NEAR Protocol is probably the first platform, working on its project by keeping nature in mind. Thoughtful! We are working a lot for our convenience but ignoring the downside of our actions; the earth is suffering. Every technology user should be conscious of the negative impact of technology on our planet. The machines used for proof of work generate a lot of heat and produce carbon dioxide. NEAR works environment-friendly Project Proof of Steak.

We hope that the rest of the crypto projects will also follow the environment-friendly NEAR Protocol.

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