Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Finance Minister’s big statement on crypto will not be a complete ban on crypto

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Yesterday on a TV news channel, the country’s finance minister made it very clear about the questions asked about crypto what the Indian government was going to do about crypto. What the Finance Minister said was as follows –

A lot of discussions are going on with the Reserve Bank about the crypto currency. Because the Supreme Court has clearly said that the government has to take a decision on this subject. We are talking to the Reserve Bank, I am Can’t say much about it because the cabinet is working on this and no one can give any indication as to what will happen in it. The Reserve Bank is working on which crypto currency will work in the country and what kind of regulations should be enacted on it? Here I want to make it clear that a window is open for all types of experiments with crypto There is absolutely no need to understand that we are stopping this completely, but very balanced rules will be made for this. There is no need to fear that very mixed messages are coming from all over the world. , We are not going one-sided in this subject at all.We will decide about this by looking at a very balanced situation. The world is going at a very fast pace with technology, we cannot pretend that we do not want it, at the same time we are also realizing that the world is our On the other hand, we are seeing the move towards fintech, the way we have worked on the payment world.So I can give you the hint that we have not closed our mind on this side, we are looking at something that can be invented in the digital world and the world of crypto currency, this was a big answer for you. This is what we have.This whole thing is very easy to understand and now we should not trust newspapers, YouTube channels or any such medium which serve our news to us by quoting sources. The government is working on this subject with open views and crypto But the government has no idea of ​​complete ban. We should wait for the government’s act.

You can listen to this statement of the Finance Minister here.
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