Sunday, December 10, 2023

OKEx &Coinbase integrates with Polygon network Ethereum scaling solution

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In the world of crypto and blockchain, if anyone has illuminated India’s name the most, then it is undoubtedly Polygon Matic Network. The work done by the team on this project in the last four years is showing results today. Polygon Network Although every day is moving towards success, but today even big crypto brands like Coinbase have understood the usefulness of Polygon Network and have started using it on their platform.

Coinbase has informed through an article that now users using their applications and extensions can access Dapps and web3 using Polygon Network. Polygon Network is a better solution to the problem of scaling and high transaction fees. Today most web3, dapp, dex are used only on ethereum network and the biggest problem in this is transaction delay and high gas fee. The same problem is happening on NFT platform today and if anyone is giving solution to them then it is Polygon Network. Coinbase has already placed Matic Token in Coinbase Custody and now Polygon network can also be used on Coinbase.

The Polygon network is capable of completing several transactions in a second, many times more than the normal network. The Polygon network works faster than 7200 TPS and its fees are very low compared to other networks. Prior to this Binance also made matic deposit and Polygon network has been started for withdrawal. Today the CEO of OkEx has also told through a tweet that now Polygon network can be used on OkEx also. Bridge between Polygon network and Solana should also be started It’s over.

Right now there is little bearish in crypto market and this is the reason why sabhi crypto price is very low. At present Matic price is moving below 1 dollar and this is a very good time to invest in Matic because as soon as alt market is going Matic can give very good profits at that time. In view of the way Matic network Polygon network is increasing day by day, investor should not doubt about its value. #Matic is currently one of its own in the coin market. It has made a special place. As the use of Polygon network starts increasing, its price will also be very strong.

There are a lot of changes happening in the crypto market at the moment and they are getting very fast. There has been a lot of competition in DEX and CEX. The use of NFT, DAPP and Web3 is increasing and so fast network is needed but It should also be cheap and for this there is no better option in the market today than Polygon Network. The team of Polygon Matic Network is moving ahead with a lot of wisdom and foresight and their success is visible in the crypto market.
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