Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Police Complaint on Blockchain, Firozabad India Police launched. Project developed by Polygon.

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How blockchain can make our lives easier, is slowly being seen in India as well. Polygon Blockchain developed by Sandeep Nailwal has created this project called “Police Complaint on Blockchain” for Firozabad (India) Police.

During a press meeting on this subject, Senior Superintendent of Police Firozabad said, “Our smart cell employees Ankit Verma, Amit Upadhyay, and Lakhan Lal, they have implemented this project. The special feature of this portal is that whenever a complaint is received on this blockchain, this information can be seen on the blockchain, which police station and which station in charge has received this complaint. When the complaint is completed, the complainant will also get a notification of the same.”

The concerned officer will have to act on this complaint within 7 days from the date of registration of this complaint. Failure to do so will send a notification to the higher authorities. The biggest thing is that this complaint cannot be erased once it is filed. Often complaints were heard that the police did not register a complaint or did not register a case by writing a complaint on raw paper. Now, these kinds of problems will get rid of because of this blockchain portal. Firozabad Police shared the video of the Superintendent of Police on Twitter and has given all the details on the subject.

Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, also shared his thoughts on the subject on Twitter, writing, “Police Complaint (FIR) on Blockchain, Powered by Polygon. It is very close to my heart. We have grown up hearing this where there are many cases when a victim is unable to file a complaint with the local police due to a corrupt official (especially in the case of rape) or the complaint being tampered with. If a person files his primary complaint online with his identity card on the blockchain, then no lower-level police officer can deny this FIR. This could prove to be a game changer in the right to justice. This has become possible only because of Hon’ble IPS Ashish Sir, who is an imaginative leader in the Indian Police Service, tirelessly hardworking, and works beyond his job, to adopt technology to get equal justice.

The complaint portal launched today by the Firozabad Police in India using blockchain is just the beginning of this big change. The Constitution gives us the right to get justice for every citizen of the country, but due to some corrupt officials, the public has to be disappointed. From this beginning, other cities and states will also get a direction to provide justice to the public by creating a public grievance portal using blockchain. We can predict the future of this blockchain by looking at how well Polygon Blockchain is working. Maybe it will take some time, but gradually the Indian political system will also understand the benefits of blockchain and crypto.

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