Friday, September 29, 2023

NEAR Protocol’s NEAR Acadamy helping developers Master Smart contracts and Web 3.0

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Blockchain technology is being touted as one of the most innovative technologies of this generation. The industry surrounding blockchain is innovating and expanding rapidly, which means developers need to stay up to date, to stay in business. With this idea of educating individuals involved in this industry, Near Protocol launched the, a critical component of NEAR Protocol’s educational onramp.

NEAR Academy was built with web 2 developers in mind, looking for a hands-on introduction to blockchain concepts and coding. It is powered by the same team and technology as Ocean Academy and Tezos Academy.

The platform also comes with a twist with the introduction of The Meme Museum, designed by 101Labs, to make it more approachable. The meme museum is composed of numerous smart contracts that were created with the express purpose of enhancing the learning experience. 

It comes with a unique NFT token contract and a customized NFT generator. These contracts work in concert to create an immersive environment conducive to developer education about the NEAR Protocol, where anybody can enter and leave with an NFT.

The learning platform is intuitive and responsive, allowing developers to move at their own pace through the instructional content. On the way, developers can check their comprehension of the subject via an interface that is engaging and inviting.

Developers who successfully finish this course will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of web 3, as well as a high-level overview of how the NEAR Protocol operates and an introduction to building smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain platform. The learning experience is illustrated with graphics, code samples, and links to other resources. Everyone who completes the course gets a certificate.

Near sees this as the first of several modules that 101Labs will debut with this year, and the community is invited to provide comments on them.

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