Sunday, December 10, 2023

Introducing the Crypto-exclusive Social network platform Blockster

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With a $1.42 trillion market cap, the cryptocurrency industry is currently seeing increased demand from institutional and retail investors. However, the crypto space is highly fragmented in terms of its presence on social media platforms.

Mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube implemented policies in 2017 and 2018 that either prohibit or severely restrict the use of digital asset-related advertising, depending on the platform.

While this severely limits cryptocurrency companies’ capacity to reach quality audiences, users have to manually visit different platforms to read news, develop their understanding, check digital asset prices, locate jobs, or engage with others.

A social network exclusively for Cryptocurrency lovers

To address this specific issue, Blockster has been created. It is the first all-in-one social network for crypto enthusiasts. You will be able to find everything you need on the site, including instructional articles written by professionals, job posts from prominent cryptocurrency organizations, real-time coin values, the latest news, and high-quality user-generated content.

Simultaneously, crypto firms can now target their actual audiences on a social media platform that not only allows but encourages digital asset-related advertising.

The platform has Blockdesk, a supercharged Medium-style user-generated crypto blog. In addition to a big staff of professional specialists, journalists, editors, and thought leaders who are currently creating high-quality material on the site, Blockster also allows users to produce and publish content as well as voice their opinions on everything relevant to cryptocurrency.

In addition to Blockdesk, users may learn more about cryptocurrency by visiting Blockademy, a dedicated knowledge center with over 200 educational articles, guides, and how-to videos. Blockademy, with its easy-to-digest content, is ideal for both newcomers and specialists looking to deepen their knowledge of digital assets.

The platform also has Blockwatch, a cryptocurrency market data feed that ranks the top 1300 digital assets by market capitalization.

In addition to displaying the real-time prices, clicking on a coin will take you to a dedicated page where you can analyze essential market data, such as trading volume and price charts.

Blockster is also powered by the BXR ERC-20 token, which is used to settle all transactions in the ecosystem. Unlike on traditional platforms, Blockster users are rewarded in the project’s native BXR money by others for posting engaging and insightful articles.

As a part of its launch, the platform is also giving out 5 BXR to everyone that signs up. This definitely what the future of social networking will look like. An all-in-one platform of this sort was direly required in this space. At the moment, there’s too much disorder and information fragmentation that hinders adoption.

You can signup and claim 5 BXR tokens for free here.

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