Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Donates Rs. 4.5 Crores For COVID-19 Relief Fund for India

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For the past year, Corona has caused havoc all over the world and the human race has not been able to fight it. Governments of the entire world are fighting it at their own level. Injections are being made for Corona but India For example, it is very difficult to deliver these injections to every single person in a large country and by then it would have taken too much in India.Right now our country has neither a hospital nor medicines to control the speed with which the corona is spreading and in the meantime, now the lack of oxygen has created a new problem in the country. Government and industrialists in their own way Sandeep Nailwal, founder of Polygon (formerly Matic) project, has taken a big step on behalf of the crypto community.

“It cannot be seen sitting down and I am starting a campaign for corona support. Help is needed from the entire world crypto community. I take full responsibility for transparency about this, use of funds and regulatory Of compliance. “

With this tweet, Sandeep also posted a crypto address to which Ether and ERC20 can be assisted by sending tokens.
0x68A99f89E475a078645f4BAC491360aFe255Dff1 Crypto News Hindi readers may also wish to send help to this address. After this twitter of Twitter Ethereum founder Vitalik immediately sent 100 Ethereum on his behalf on the subject for $246100.

The campaign has so far delivered 327 ethers. The tokens that are being supported include Ethereum followed by MKR, DWZ, USDT, USDC, MATIC and around 39 more erc20 tokens.

Sandeep has also sought help from the Indian crypto exchange to convert these tokens into Indian rupees. It is not only that money is being collected here, but it has also started reaching out to the needy. Working day and night and giving updates on every single work on Twitter, the chartered accountants are also working to keep this campaign and money within the purview of the Indian government’s law. Sandeep has done 300 high flows. Masks, 10 ventilators, 50 multipara monitors, 100 body bags to meet the requirement of the supplier has a tweet. Along with this, the work of forming teams for assistance is also going on. The success of this campaign is known in 24 hours.

The Indian government is doing a lot better in its own way. The government is also getting support from industrialists and the public. To fight Corona, much money is needed and the government can get huge financial help through crypto from all over the world. The government should consider this topic. It will take the government a few minutes to work, for which all they have to do is to make some crypto wallets and put them on social media. The whole world crypto community stands with the Indian government. Keeping crypto within the purview of the law, the work of converting it into Indian rupees can be done by WazirX, Nischal, Sumit Gupta, and Coindcx.

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