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Epnsproject (PUSH ) Token is listing on WazirX

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The Indian crypto sector is advancing much better. In the last few years there have been many Indian crypto projects which have been very successful and are still illuminating the name of India at the international level. Another one on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 The Indian crypto project made its successful debut, named Ethereum Push Notification Service EPNS and its token is Push. This decentralized platform based on blockchain notifications is the first of its kind project.

The goal of creating this project is to give notifications about the transactions being done on the blockchain so that no more information is ever missed and it continues to get notifications to the consumers. Till now, the user has to go to the blockchain and watch it. Used to have EPNS wanted to create a decentralized medium that could deliver this to all dapp / smart contracts and Web3 and that’s why EPNS was created.

There are many big brands associated with EPNS like – unstoppable domains, UNISWAP, POOL TOGETHAR, AAVE, GNOSIS Safe MULTING and MATIC. The founder of this project is Harsh Rajat and he is also leading the project. The founder is Richa Joshi. And she is also leading marketing. Nischal Shetty, founder of WazirXExchange is serving as an advisor for this project. This project can be combined with any dapp and smart contract and serve notifications.

The IDO of EPNS was launched from the PolkStarters platform and was given a push token at $ 0.12 for a white listing. After that the token was listed on uniswap, where it was currently priced at around $ 8. There has been no decline in the price of PUCH and it is in a very strong position in terms of price.

Listing on WazirX
PUSH Toucan is listed on the Indian crypto exchange WazirX from 22 April 2021. PUSH / INR PUSH / USDT will be available for pair trading. During this time you can also send PUSH from any other vault or platform to WazirX. PUSH By purchasing, you will be able to transfer anywhere from WazirX.
In addition to listing PUSH, WazirX is also hosting giveaways and trading contests.
22 April 2021 – AMA with Harsh Rajat (Founder and Project Lead PUSH) and Richa Joshi (Co-Founder PUSH) on Telegram Channel of WazirX. Prizes up to the price of $ 150 at PUSH Token.
April 26, 2021 – The Highest Traders Who Contest, which will run for 48 hours and the winners of the 200 top trades here, will be given PUSH Token worth Rs 8,28,200 ($ 10,000).
27 April 2021 – Trivia contest on WazirX’s Instagram channel where there will be a prize of 50 $ PUSH.
April 30, 2021- Airdrop of $ 10,000 PUSH to Top WRX Token Holders.
May 3, 2021- 48 hour long HighEast Trader Who Contest and Giveaway of $ 10,000 to PUSH Token to Top Traders.
The reward of $ 15,000 PUSH Toucan to PUSH-WRX Liquidity Providers.

Rewards of 10–10 $ PUSH Toucan to 10 winners by asking questions on Twitter.
Giveaway of 10-10 $ to those asking live 5 questions.

This blog of WazirX can be read for more information.

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