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During the global crypto collapse, why do investors choose, BNB, Dogetti, and Bitcoin?

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While phases of economic uncertainty last, investors prefer not to invest in cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrencies are risky assets. These are the times banking collapse at a global level and the trend of sell-offs has persisted in the crypto markets. Correspondingly, the crypto market cap increased to $1.18 trillion. 

As of current, the two largest cryptocurrencies in the world trade in red, and so do the other altcoins. But as of the prior few weeks, the cryptocurrency market has risen in value because, both, Ethereum and Bitcoin have risen higher, and so have the alternative coins like Solana and Binance.

Investors are, indeed, alarmed by the banking crisis that is currently ongoing. The rise in the prices of Bitcoin is a direct outshot of these developments. In cryptocurrencies, investors have begun to hoard funds.

In this article, we will evaluate the positive effects that Doggeti’s presale features have bought into the picture. We will also conduct a contemplative study of the increase in prices for Binance and Bitcoin.

  1. Bitcoin – Rises Above $28,000

The most popular digital currency worldwide, Bitcoin has surged in price in recent times. One of the underlying reasons for the same is that there have been a host of disdainful developments across the banking sector through the current times. 

When the third week of March began in 2023, BTC used to be trading at $28, 294. The prices were up by 27% on a week-by-week basis. 

It is noteworthy that the market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeds $545 billion. This makes Bitcoin the most valuable currency worldwide. Nowadays, a host of companies and merchants are willing to accept Bitcoin as payment. 

While Bitcoin (BTC) is a medium of exchange, it is a store of value as well. There is no end to the number of investors who trade Bitcoin, hoping to make a profit. 

Bitcoin struck its all-time high value in 2021 when it used to trade at almost $65,000. But since that time, the price of Bitcoin has come across many ups and downs. Just as an instance, when 2023 had just begun, the price of Bitcoin reached $19,628 from a starting point of $26,514.

But, there are no factors that indicate that Bitcoin is deteriorating in popularity. One cannot deny the influence that Bitcoin has had over the financial sector.

  1. Binance – Keeps trending on

Pricing of Binance, right up to a few days back stood at $265 support level. The prices have been shooting up from this starting point for some time now. Just as in the case of Ethereum and Bitcoin, the prices cleared the $280 resistance level and ventured into the positive zone. 

At this time, uptrend indicators exceeding the $330 mark are a key feature of the pricing of Bitcoin Coin. At all times when such events have occurred, that led to economic instability; Binance has offered its $1 billion emergency fund. This is to keep the pricing of different tokens such as Binance Coin, Etherium, and Bitcoin high.

Going by the daily trading volume, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance has persistently stayed in an attempt to ensure that for global finance, cryptocurrencies continue to be a major force.

Each of the projects forming the Binance network, including Research, Trust Wallet, Binance Academy, Binance Smart Chain, and Binance Chain is based on blockchain technology. These projects are ushering us into the new world of finance.

  1. Dogetti – Based on a community-driven approach

Dogetti (DETI) has often been cited to be the ultimate crypto-themed-on dog. It’s a community-driven approach, but, makes it more popular.

After Doggeti’s launch, right through this time, Doggetti has found success in creating a robust community that transfers wealth to Doggetti members.

If we take a look at the presale track record of Doggetti, we see that Doggetti has connected successfully with its target audiences. It is then noteworthy that DETI’s presale campaign’s second phase is now open. To date, the sale has crossed 7.5 billion DETI tokens. By raising $600K, DETI has shocked the crypto community. 

Dogetti ecosystem comprises DogettiDAO and Dogetti NFTs. No one is sure of their exciting features to date. But those are soon to be unveiled.

Dogetti NFTs are unique digital assets like none other. They stand for special virtual companionship.

If one uses an NFT of this type, he/she can adopt the Doggetti puppy. Then, one can also breed, develop, and finally trade other Doggetti NFTs in return for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. 

A broad range of novel possibilities will open up for holders. This way, they can accumulate these digital assets and own them as well. Moreover, these digital assets will be utilitarian from the viewpoint of making money.

DogettiDAO induces accountability and transparency in the project’s process of decision-making. Alternately, the project has made available a feasible platform for users, via which they can render their influence over the project’s vision and earn rewards for their activities.

Over the Doggetti website, one can come across the most recent bonus code, using which one can buy DETI. This secret, one-time family code is “DON50”. However, its availability is only temporary. It is available for a short while. By using this code, a buyer gets 50% extra tokens.

What led to the crypto collapse in 2022?

Cryptocurrencies are recognized for their high volatility. In 2022, they had a tough time. One of the key reasons for the same is FTX’s downfall. FTX used to be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

FTX didn’t just go bankrupt. It had a spat with Binance as well, leading to a major selloff in markets. Binance’s liquidity in crypto markets, correspondingly, reduced.

It had so happened that Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world was all set to buy FTX, which was its rival. However, the buyout deal proposal did not last for long because Binance walked away from it. 

In the reasons for the denial, Binance specified multiple issues with FTX’s regulatory investigations and finances.

Investors were stunned by Binance’s decision. Bitcoin fell to its lowest point in two years. In November 2021, its value stood at $69,000, the lowest in two years.

This further led to skepticism and distrust towards centralized crypto establishments.

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