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Deswap (DAW) Presale ICO to be Hosted on CafeSwap

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CafeSwap Finance, the platform that has taken new projects to market by IDO and ICO from its platform to new heights, is launching an ICO tomorrow i.e. on 9th July. This ICO will come as a pre sale which is available only on CafeSwap Finance Will happen.
Deswap information can be accessed from here

What is Deswap?
Deswap is a decentralized platform where lending and borrowing will have the opportunity to land their funds at the right price in one place and borrow from their crypto. The Deswap platform is a platform that works on the Polygon Chain. Which makes it the fastest as well as the cheapest in terms of transaction fees. Here up to 80000 transactions can be done in a second.

What is DAW Token?
The native token of the Deswap platform is DAW whose ICO is scheduled to come up on CafeSwap Finance tomorrow. This token can be used on Deswap in a number of ways. It will act as a governance token. The holder will be required to hold a set amount of tokens To put any kind of proposal on the Deswap platform. Token holders can then vote in favor or against this proposal. Token holders can decide what is the right thing to do for the platform which will make this platform more Can make it better

Total number of DAW tokens is 100 million. A total of 2 lakh 40 thousand tokens will be available for purchase in the ICO launching tomorrow. 23% of the total supply i.e. 23 million is reserved for the team which will be for 14 months is locked.

This token can be taken tomorrow from BREW / BNB / MOCHA. The biggest thing is that there is no need to give any LP for this ie they can be taken directly from the tokens mentioned here.

Launch date – 9 July 2021

Time 1PM UTC (6:30 PM IST)

For total token sale – 240000

USD target from ICO – 6 million

BREW will burn – worth $150,000.

MOCHA will be bought back and burned – 15% as much as BNB collected.

Token price at the time of ICO will be – 2.5$.

75% of the tokens are earmarked for BNB and 25% for the BREW pool.

Your token can be claimed after the ICO is completed and the remaining funds can be withdrawn.
Staking can also be done after the listing of DAW tokens. In addition to LP staking of DAW-BNB, brew holders can also stake which will have a pool of $ 160000 in which approximately 64000 DAW tokens can be found.

Liquidity will be made available two weeks after the successful launch of the ICO.

ICO link

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