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Central Banks Attack Cryptocurrencies Why?

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Have you not wondered why, all of a sudden, there are false, propaganda lies attacking Cryptocurrency? Do you not know what is truly going on here? Have you not heard that these criminals that have enslaved you for years, want complete control? The real truth is the only thing standing in their way is you.

Central Bank Manipulation

The Central Bank has manipulated the fiat currency since taking it off the gold standard on August 15, 1971. The manipulate the Gold and Silver market in the same way they have done the hedge fund scam. These Bankers loan out papers of silver or gold with no actual gold or silver attached, and when the masses sell these papers, of no value, then the gold price goes down. This manipulation is illegal, and the only reason they do not get caught is because you feed off of their lies that cause fear and react the way they want you to.

Why They Fear Cryptocurrency

They fear decentralized Blockchain technology because they can not control the value. The only thing they can do is print article after article of lies and propaganda to cause fear, in the hopes you are gullible enough to believe them.

Also they use the FAKE AGENCY IRS, Yes they are a private company and not a Government entity, to print false information on taxes. First of all if you mine a certain coin and pay your rent or mortgage with it, then those coins are not your income, those coins are the companies income. This is the same game the Federal Reserve does because they have 0 cash on hand.

What matters now is people taking control of their wealth and finances, ignoring the Phony puppet known as BYEDEN, and going on with their lives. Using Cryptocurrency will prevent them from forcing by fear money from you so they can funnel into criminal activities.


The Law requires that this private corporate entity known as the IRS prove that you have that income by providing, in the case of Bitcoin or any other mine-able coin, the TX time stamp and hash number. They must provide that to you on each coin.

Fear Causes Chaos

The only weapon the Private Western Central Bank has to combat cryptocurrency, because they can not control it, is fear. The truth of the matter is this: If the price is going down it is YOUR FAULT. Only the gullible that believe these liars will sell, which is what they want you to do. The articles they put out is Bitcoin looses 12% as miners are stopped in China. Articles like that should make you jump up for joy. If the miners stop in china, what was their words again?.. Oh yea, did they not say, “In the midst of a crisis, there lies opportunities.”?

With that being said We are calling on the Governors of Florida and Texas. The miners can not only place the United States in the position of financial stability, but there are many great economic advantages here to secure the best economy the United States has ever seen.

In conclusion, The central Bank has already told you they plan what china wants and issue in a digital currency controlled by them. This currency is not Cryptocurrency, because it is not on the Blockchain, but on a centralized controlled network. With that being said the real question is this: Do you want to be truly free and independent and in control of your own wealth and finance with cryptocurrency, or do you want to be an enslaved person never being able to get ahead with a controlled currency? The choice is now yours.

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