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CafeSwap Is Coming To Polygon। The world’s fairest launch With Passive income

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You asked for it, and now, it’s happening: CafeSwap Polygon is launching.
On Saturday, 25th of September, 2021, CafeSwap will be live on Polygon. This launch on Polygon brings lots of benefits for users on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

CafeSwap Launching On Polygon Offers Cross-chain Farming
Through this launch on Polygon, CafeSwap hopes to follow through on its cross-chain promises. The DEX bringing the tasty goodness of BREW and MOCHA to this blockchain.
Once CafeSwap is live on Polygon, users can migrate their BREW and MOCHA tokens to Polygon using the Anyswap bridge.
Moreover, the launch of CafeSwap on Polygon provides holders of BREW and MOCHA the chance to cross farm on the Polygon network.
pBREW, the native token of CafeSwap on Polygon will also have cross farming potential, but this yield farming opportunity will come at a later date.

The Choice of Polygon
Following a successful deployment on the Binance Smart Chain network, CafeSwap next destination is Polygon. The planned launching of CafeSwap on Polygon might not surprise many due to the blockchain’s growing ecosystem.
With cheaper gas fees and faster transactions, CafeSwap’s launch on Polygon was only a matter of time. And that time has come.
Polygon, one of the fastest-growing blockchains in 2021, has seen a massive increase in user base combined with an intimidating ecosystem while staying true to the tenets of decentralization.

CafeSwap Coming To Polygon Provides De-Fi Users With A Catalog Of Benefits
The launching of CafeSwap on Polygon will herald the introduction of certain De-Fi products. Below are some of these products:

CafeSwap Portfolio
The use of the CafeSwap Portfolio makes it possible for users to view their liquidity positions, confirm rewards from farms, and more using their dashboard.
On CafeSwap Portfolio, users are kept up-to-date on the daily APR, TVL, and other stats needed to make an informed decision.

CafeSwap Migrate
De-Fi users can leverage the CafeSwap Migrate in moving LP tokens from other DEXs to CafeSwap quickly. With CafeSwap Migrate, users can avoid the stress of tampering with their LPs.

CafeSwap Trade Mining
Users will get a chance to participate in the CafeSwap trade mining campaign. The trade fest offers users the opportunity to share in the 50 million pBREW tokens that are available on swapping on CafeSwap DEX.
Users can easily claim their pBREW tokens without a fee discount of up to 100% on every trade.

CafeSwap On Polygon: Counting Down
As earlier stated, the launch of CafeSwap on Polygon will take place on the 25th of September 2021 at 3 pm UTC. Being a fair launch, everyone gets a chance to participate in the biggest ever De-Fi launch.

In the future, pBREW will be pegged to BREW. This will create a thriving CafeSwap on the blockchain.

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