Friday, September 29, 2023

Brett Lee donates bitcoin for India’s fight against COVID-19

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The founder of Matic Network, Mr. Sandeep Ji has started a campaign through crypto for the protection of corona victims. In this campaign, anyone can fund through crypto. Oxygen, masks, ventilators and other needs are being spent to meet the demand. The campaign has so far received a grant of around 25 million worth of cryptos. The biggest contribution so far has been to help Ethereum founder Vitalik. On behalf of those who have given 100 Ethers at the start of this campaign. Famous Australian cricketer Brett Lee has also helped a bitcoin in this campaign to help Corona in India.

Brett Lee wrote in a tweet that “India has always been like my second home. The love and support that I have received from the people of India, even after my professional time and retirement, has a special place in my heart for it. See it I feel very sad that people are getting upset during the pandemic. I am privileged that I can do something about this and keeping this in mind I am giving in a bitcoin crypto relief to buy oxygen. For Hospitals in India

The founder of Hubspot, Mr. Dharmesh ji has also contributed to this campaign by helping 1.88 bitcoins worth around one lakh and one thousand dollars. He writes in his tweet “As per promise, just sent $ 101k bitcoin to Sandeep Nailwal Is for corona assistance in India. I love how easy it was. It will help both help and awareness.

If you look here, the crypto community is playing a very big role to fight Corona in India. It has been just a few days since the launch of this campaign and its success is visible. It takes only a few seconds to give this grant. Days to help the needy from this campaign. Working night and that too within the purview of the law. But a section of the media still suffering from their petty thinking is talking about being anti-law even within this help given by crypto. This media Never can see the right side of crypto, but they have mastered the writing of evils. The condition of the government is also similar, the government is also seeing deficiencies in crypto and that is why the government has something about it so far Have not been able to do it.

The reasoning of the government is that there are big fluctuations in the price of bitcoin and this is used in wrong actions. It shows how much knowledge the government’s committee and leaders have been given the responsibility to make laws about it? Doesn’t it seem that people like Bretley, Sandeep, Srinivasan Balaji and Dharmesh ji are not two number workers or terrorists, but they are successful people in their respective fields. What is the experience of cryptos in the government committee The government should take the advice of the crypto expert for this and after that a law should be made in this regard.

The citizens of the country are dying and the country is in need of huge financial support which is currently getting from crypto. Today, India is also getting support from crypto for the oxygen it needs. The government has knowledge from this It is the right time to understand the contribution of crypto. The crypto community is a well written community and we understand better what our responsibilities are to the country? We want to advance this country and made by the government of the country. By following the rules, we want to move forward in the world of crypto. Today, in the time of Corona, it is being learned that how much better use can be made of crypto? The need is to have the right knowledge and make the right laws with the right people. On behalf of the entire crypto community,

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