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Bitcoin Search at year’s lowest level.

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May those investing in bitcoin in the new year find crypto at somewhat lower prices. Globally, the trend of people in bitcoin has decreased. According to a report, there has been a huge decrease in the number of people searching bitcoin on Google. In the month of December 2021, there has been a record decrease in the number of people searching for bitcoin, which you can see in the chart below.

If you look at the last 6 months of 2021, crypto information websites and YouTube channels have also given less information about bitcoin. The big reason for this is the trend of people towards the NFT metaverse and now web3. Data from crypto exchanges is also showing that bitcoin trade volume has been declining for some time now.

The money of crypto investors is going more in Alt at this time because the profit potential is more here. Bitcoin is currently trading below $47800. Currently, there are more retail traders in the market and fewer bitcoin big traders. The futures trade data also shows that at present the short trader is more in the futures trade and is in the long position. In such a situation, the price will also come down to liquidate the position. The outflow on crypto exchanges is very low and the inflow has increased. The inflow of Ether is very high so there is a possibility that the price of Ether could take more downsides than Bitcoin.

Technical analysts are currently noticing a major downside in Bitcoin’s chart. The one-day chart is showing a decline in bitcoin price to $38000. The weekly chart is showing the price going even higher. In the month of January, we can see a big decline and here can be the right investment opportunity.

In the month of March we will be able to see the strength of bitcoin price. The price of bitcoin will go down from $ 35000 to $ 40000, then it will slowly rise and then it can stop for some time after coming near $ 50000. After this we will be able to see a huge jump in the price of bitcoin. The price of Ether will also go up strongly next year after being down for the first three months. The price of BNB and SOL will also have an opportunity to buy at a lower price.

This time is not the right time to invest. The new investor should wait a little longer. In the next two months, little investment should be made at the right time. Every fall some investment will be right. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, SOL, DOT, Matic, AVAX can give good profits in the year 2022. Metverse tokens can also be a good investment. One must

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