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OpenOcean’s OOE Airdrop Claim

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OpenOcean has announced that it is lending its tokens to the OOE market. As all DEX do, before bringing their token, Airdrop will give its token to those who have used the exchange. OpenOcean has also announced that it will give Airdrop of its token to its users.

Who will get airdrop?
The exchange has informed that all those who have done 4 transactions on the exchange before March 8, 2021, any token and any amount or one transaction have made more than 40 dollars, all those people will be able to take this airdrop. But the exchange is going to airdrop a total of 10 million tokens. The total supply of OOE tokens is 100 crores. 2% of these tokens are for airdrops i.e. 10 million tokens are being given in round one and then 10 in round two. Million tokens will be awarded.

You can get a chance in round 2. If you did not know about OpenOcean before and you have not been able to take the first airdrop, then after trading in round 2 you can take the second airdrop. For this you should go to the exchange and do some trade, maybe If the second round rules or conditions are different, then it would be better if you trade some more trades and some more amount. Here you can also provide liquidity and you can get airdrop. Exchange has informed that 34% of the total supply is kept for liquidity. This token can be listed on many exchanges soon. This exchange business network If it is supported, then it is expected that it will be listed on the business. It is often seen that the price of the tokens of the DEX whose token comes in the market after the exchange goes up. You can find information on this topic from OpenOcean’s Twitter.

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