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10 reasons why Bitcoin’s prices have skyrocketed in 2023

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2022 had been terrible for Bitcoin and in the year, Bitcoin prices fell by over 64%. But the trend has taken a u-turn in 2023, wherein Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed by 60%.

The development comes in the backdrop of a protracted bear crypto market. This has led to the industry experts categorizing the recent bounce as a bull trap. 

But, it becomes hard to deny that Bitcoin’s best days might still be in the offing.

In this article, we do not share statistics to help center down on Bitcoin’s future course. We do not speculate much over the point as well. Instead, this article is a fair assessment of Bitcoin price in 2023. 

Top 10 reasons why Bitcoin prices will skyrocket in 2023:

  1. Larger block sizes

As of recent, it is being vastly indicated that block size is proportional to cryptocurrency size. As the block size increases, so does our ability to assess the network activity. Counting the number of transactions taking place simplifies. 

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are ordinals, are on the rise. NFTs are based on Bitcoin. They digitally represent ownership of artworks, collectibles, or media and have probably led to an increase in Bitcoin’s activity.

Ordinals debuted in January and over 150,000 specimens have been created thus far. Similarly, the average block size of cryptos has also increased and now stands just short of 2.5 gigabytes. 

  1. Record address expansion

In 2023, the number of Bitcoin addresses whose balance was above zero also peaked like never before. It is noteworthy that year after year; the growth of non-zero addresses had stayed stable. The parameter stayed unaffected by market sentiment and mining difficulties. As of current, 44.5 million Bitcoin addresses have some amount of coin. The figure stood at 23 million five years ago.

  1. Investor favorite

Stats associated with mining difficulties are frequently ignored.  But as mining difficulties increase, the Bitcoin network becomes more secure and decentralized. This makes mining difficulties an important indicator of the token’s health. 

It has now been 14 years since cryptocurrencies were launched. In the meantime, the token has come across several bear markets and price fluctuations. But, the number of nodes that run the Bitcoin code has only increased across the world. Similarly, the mining processors that are coming to the fore are increasing worldwide. 

With this pattern in place, we can confirm that the crypto winter notwithstanding, the decentralization and security of crypto networks increase continuously. This, overall, inspires investors to invest before Bitcoin prices peak.

  1. Bitcoin has four-year cycles

If one has been a Bitcoin investor, one would be aware that historically, Bitcoin has moved in four-year cycles. This one’s a pattern hard to ignore, but it becomes difficult to keep the timing ideal. However, this pattern weakening over time has also been a subject of debate.

  1. Increase in US Federal Reserve Rate

The rate increase announced by the US Federal Reserve in December 2022 was drastic and amounted only up to 25 basis points. This allowed Bitcoin to go ahead with its upward trend, and Bitcoin was able to outperform other cryptocurrencies. 

From the viewpoint of Bitcoin investors, this was a positive development because characteristically, a weaker US dollar facilitates a stronger Bitcoin market.

  1. Mark Mobius prediction

Mark Mobius has predicted that in 2023, Bitcoin’s bottom price will hit $10,000. In some circles, this is being perceived as a negative development for Bitcoin. But others have a perception that in the long term, this will make the market more robust. 

Mobius’ prediction is already a subject of discussion among analysts and investors. But doubt remains as to whether the prediction is going to come true.

  1. Wider acceptance

More and more companies are nowadays accepting Bitcoin and the payment methods that are nowadays being developed are more straightforward. The two most prominent factors stand behind Bitcoin’s popularity. Firstly, the demand for the currency is higher because even more people are leveraging Bitcoin for making payments. Secondly, the perception of Bitcoin among investors is also nowadays similar to being a kind of money. 

The factors that have bought mainstream acceptance for Bitcoin include adoption, credibility, and demand.

  1. Decentralization

Decentralization distinguishes Bitcoin among other cryptocurrency contenders. The transactions being recorded on a decentralized public ledger makes the blockchain immune to hacking efforts, fraud, and censorship. Users leverage a peer-to-peer network for transactions. The role of middlemen is not called for here, a category that includes payment processors and banks. 

  1. DeFi and NFTs are being fast adopted

DeFi and NFTs are well-recognized use cases in blockchain and operate without taking the services of middlemen. They make secure and transparent methods available to provide financial services and transfer ownership.

Correspondingly, while NFTs have bought the public interest in the world of art, DeFi makes it possible to earn interest. These factors bring acceptance and popularity to Bitcoin.

A range of factors makes Bitcoin appealing for DeFi and NFT applications, including its rarity, liquidity, security, and stability.

  1. Institutional Adoption

When institutions invest in Bitcoin, it delivers credibility to the cryptocurrency and makes it come by as a reputable investment choice. With this pattern, Bitcoin’s liquidity is boosted. As investment and trading simplify, the cryptocurrency’s demand and price are positively impacted. 

Further, Bitcoin also brings to the fore the creation of new financial products. Noteworthy among them are Bitcoin futures contracts that facilitate institutions to indirectly participate in cryptocurrency.
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