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What is (ESPN) Etherum push notification service?

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Ethereum Push notification service (ESPN) is an ideal procedure that offers users to receive messages and notifications. Through this tool, any smart contract, service may provide alerts or notification to the users in a proper and appropriate way

The Functions of the Ethereum Push Notification Service

The Ethereum Push Notification Service is a notification protocol that seeks to fundamentally alter how the cryptocurrency community interacts with one another. There has simply never been a solution that would immediately inform users who interact with a service or project or who are in some way affected by it. Projects and businesses were only able to communicate with one another by posting updates on social media and hoping that consumers would see the announcement as soon as possible thanks to the algorithms that present material to users.

Instead, it was the users’ duty to regularly check in with these initiatives, the markets, and other such areas to stay informed of any new developments. This did not make for an especially pleasant user experience and, at best, resulted in users missing out on significant events and activities or incurring losses when they were unable to respond in time to adverse developments.

With the launch of EPNS, a cutting-edge new notification system that is independent of blockchain technology, directly linked to users’ wallet addresses, and enables direct interaction between services and users is introduced. It is a particular project kind that will be required for the forthcoming Web3.

Benefits of Ethereum Push Notification Service

There are some of the benefits of ESPM that you need to consider also:

User-focused and consent-based notifications

Users now have complete control over which services send them notifications thanks to the protocol. It imposes limitations on the services’ capacity to promote wallets as subscribers and spam protection for users.

Users’ Incentivized Notifications

The DAI should be staked by the services who want to notify their subscribers. Any or all subscribers who have chosen to receive notifications will get an extremely weighted proportion of the interest generated throughout this process. EPNS offers use incentives to both senders and recipients.

Get significant updates

As a user, you would be able to have crucial updates sent straight to your wallet address, alerting you right away to any developments involving the project, its coin or token, noteworthy events, and more. The issue is that because there was nothing like that before to EPNS, people were missing a lot of significant occurrences. Even if they were posted on Twitter, Reddit, or another social network, the projects would still only be able to spread a limited amount of information since users would need to check in frequently, which is neither efficient nor practical.

Earn cryptocurrency by getting alerts

The fact that EPNS also includes a significant DeFi part to the project may not have been as evident given everything that has been said thus far. Users can earn cryptocurrency as a result of this DeFi component of the deal just by receiving notifications. According to the initiative itself, the so-called incentivized alerts rely on staking by the service, which is leased out to AAVE to create interest, which is subsequently distributed to the service’s subscribers.

Reasons to use ESPN (Ethereum Push Notification Service)

Users of EPNS can create alerts that are only activated when specific requirements are met by a smart contract. Users can choose to get alerts for both on-chain and off-chain behaviour. Users of EPNS can subscribe to or even unsubscribe from the channels they think appropriate, giving them complete control over the notifications they receive.

Depending on their use cases, EPNS offers a means of exchanging information of various forms, carrying various utilities, and carrying out various duties.

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