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Solana: The Etherium killer

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Solana is a decentralized application platform built on top of the blockchain. It’s similar to Ethereum and Cardano, two popular dApp blockchains.

With over 70,000 nodes, Ethereum now leads the smart contract space, while Solana has only 1,000. But, because of its originality and how it addresses some of Ethereum’s flaws, Solana is regarded as an Ethereum killer.

Several corporate leaders and investors from around the world have been interested in the bitcoin market. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have taken over as the most trusted investments among crypto traders. However, recent market volatility and the emergence of new cryptos have left investors wanting more. Solana has recently piqued the interest of several crypto aficionados, and experts say it may eventually eclipse ethereum in the market.

The increased demand for Ethereum has triggered a boom in Solana, its main competitor, which has had a remarkable year.

According to, Solana has seen remarkable growth in recent weeks and now has a market valuation of US$49.785 billion. SOL has increased by over 3200 percent since August of last year, and it now ranks sixth in the cryptocurrency market. With an average transaction cost of $0.00025, Solana claims to be the world’s fastest cryptocurrency.

SOL is an open-source project dedicated to the hosting of decentralized apps. It has grown in prominence by offering crypto traders something that the Ethereum blockchain has yet to provide: speedier operations and lower transaction costs. Defi, NFT, and other Smart contract trades are becoming increasingly popular among traders. Unlike Ethereum, SOL uses the proof-of-stake (POS) method, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

In September of this year, Solana’s De-fi initiatives surpassed the $3 billion mark. Currently, ethereum has the most Defi and NFT projects, but the increase in the number of projects for SOL shows that it is capable of giving ether a tough battle.

SOL, being the “Ethereum Killer” in 2021, has fixed some of the ether’s flaws with its ingenious technology. Miners must communicate with one other to figure out how to order the blocks; which makes it harder for ethereum traders to reach bigger transaction volumes. Solana has devised a cryptographic time-stamping system capable of processing 65,000 transactions per second.

The potential for Solana to develop even more cannot be overlooked. It has reaped significant benefits from the growing use of Defi and NFT. These recent occurrences illustrate that blockchain technology is becoming more widely used, as well as increased scrutiny of what is happening in the crypto world. These developments are susceptible to alter in the future, given the present market scenario.

This is the most fascinating portion. Currently, each transaction costs between $0.00025 and $0.0001. When compared to the roughly 3% cost of transacting via Visa, $5 on Bitcoin, or $10-$65 on Ethereum, this is a bargain (depending on network congestion).

Ethereum costs should drop down to the point where they solve the scalability difficulties, although they are now very expensive.

Because of what it is doing and the names behind it, many crypto investors feel Solana is a strong candidate to dominate this space. One of those names is Sam Banksmen-Fried, who is the man himself (SBF). SBF’s seal of approval is significant in the crypto sector, and many see him as the world’s most notable crypto investor.

Developers must adapt it more widely, and there is an indication that this is happening. Over the last few months, Solana has witnessed a 130 percent increase in projects (up to 181 projects). Solana’s total smart contract value has surpassed $3.5 billion, an increase of 200 percent in the last month.

Before you invest in Solana, here’s what you should know:

  1. This year, it has demonstrated an insatiable desire to expand. A 16,000 percent increase is incredible. It may be found on the majority of popular cryptocurrency apps and exchanges.
  1. 2. It has been dubbed the “Ethereum (ETH) Killer” by many. One of the greatest causes driving Solano’s value is that people are looking for alternatives to Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, which has a crowded network. Solana, like Ethereum, offers smart contracts.
  1. Solana is a fast runner. It’s one of the most rapidly-growing cryptocurrencies on the market, processing about 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), much above Ethereum’s current TPS of 15 to 45.
  1. Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies utilize a proof-of-work validation approach, while others use proof-of-stake. Solana, on the other hand, employs a proof-of-history approach. Solana’s proof-of-history validation methodology incorporates timestamps, which allows it to execute transactions swiftly.
  1. The number of projects running on each network is an important metric in the competition between Ethereum and its competitors. While Ethereum has the advantage of being the first to market, its competitors, like Solana, are coming up. Solana’s ecosystem is said to have approximately 350 initiatives.

Even if the price of Solana has risen dramatically this year, cryptocurrency investments are exceedingly risky. If it has risen, it also has the potential to fall rapidly. All potential investors should limit their bitcoin exposure to 5-10% of their whole portfolio, according to financial experts.

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