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Push Going Big on Polygon Network

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Recently, super technology Push Protocol launched on Polygon, with Lens serving as the official launch partner. We are thrilled to announce that Push is teaming up with some new and old partners to expand and fortify their position inside the Polygon ecosystem.

With the launch of Push Protocol, formerly known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), a large number of active users and hundreds of decentralized Polygon applications now have simple access to web3-native messaging. Polygon is a well-organized, simple Ethereum scaling and framework development technology. They are coming up with the idea of coming together as an official partner in the technology world.

The Push Protocol has been activated on Polygon’s public blockchain, making it possible to incorporate Push into Polygon applications, launch routes, and enable client notifications. Push Protocol will shortly announce launching partners to allow users to begin subscribing to active channels and opting to receive updates when particular on-chain or off-chain requirements are satisfied. An ecosystem of cutting-edge apps supports the Polygon family of layer 2 protocols, formerly known as Matic Network.

Polygon aims to overcome the simple problems with present blockchain technologies while enhancing end-user interfaces to promote the widespread adoption of web3 products and services. The poor communication between applications and users will be solved with the introduction of Push Protocol, formerly known as EPNS, on Polygon, helping the Polygon framework to enhance the web3 customer experience.

On Polygon, more than 37,000 applications are being developed, offering a large opportunity to build distinctive communication channels and consumer-based messages that will benefit users, developers, and investors. Like other apps, developers can easily add a notification service and allow app-to-wallet connectivity to their Polygon-based application. On Polygon, wallet-to-wallet communication is possible for nearly any use.

Recently, Polygon has been the go-to method for web2-based businesses like Meta, Adobe, Stripe, and Starbucks to make the switch to web3. Push Protocol’s flexible communication capabilities, which let them control communications while immediately eradicating spam, can benefit the inventive applications created by these firms. Customers assume that web3 apps will provide an equivalent level of the user interface to those to which they are now accustomed. Customers using applications on Polygon will get a similar user experience to those on these websites thanks to Push Protocol.

Any wallet, application, mobile app, and the plugin can receive notifications from Push Protocol-enabled smart contracts on Polygon. Push’s mainnet was introduced in January 2022. The system has supported 17 million signals since then, creating it the most important decentralized web3 communications network with close to 60,000 members across more than 100 channels.

Push Protocol solves the difficult communication difference that Web3 so glaringly lacks. Push promotes the services that many of us overlook by sending prompt, direct alerts both within and beyond the Polygon ecosystem.

It is crucial to make your Polygon mainnet launch as quickly as possible after switching from EPNS to Push Protocol as your branding. Actual communication is vital for the internet’s future, and Push is quickly moving beyond the Ethereum platform and beyond automated updates by causing the gaping hole in web3. 

To highlight two alterations and developments, the framework recently changed its name from EPNS to Push. This represents an exit from Ethereum (ETH) and a switch from notifications to all other forms of communication. Push Protocols’ integration with Polygon marks the company’s entry into the multi-chain market, and further details on the systems and communication modalities will be released soon.

Why Push Protocol?

Applications that adopt Web3 can now take advantage of the Push protocol’s flexible communication features, which enable them to directly control messages while also eliminating spam.

Any wallet, application, mobile app, and plugin would be able to receive notifications from smart contracts on Polygon thanks to the Push protocol.

Users anticipate that applications on Web3 will offer a similar level of user experience to those they are accustomed to from Web2 applications. By utilizing Push Protocol, users interacting with apps on Polygon will get the same user experience they do on these platforms right now. This benefit for developers will increase the likelihood that both more recent Web2 platforms and Web3-enabled next-generation apps will use it.

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