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NEAR protocol introduces Silicon Craftsmen guild for product and UX designers

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As part of its ongoing innovation strategy to strengthen the community, NEAR protocol has established the Silicon Craftsmen Guild: a community-led working group supported and funded by the NEAR Foundation with the sole purpose of developing and advancing Web 3.0 Product Design and User Experience (UX) standards.

The founding team of the Silicon Craftsmen guild consists of early crypto adopters with experience in a variety of protocols, Product Designers obsessed with creating beautiful experiences for customers, and Builders, creative problem solvers who hustle to make things happen.

Now, with this launch, everyone is banding together under a single guild to utilize one another’s knowledge and experience, and most importantly, to recruit people like us to assist us in designing the decentralized Web 3.0 dApps that will onboard the next million people.

According to NEAR protocol, til date, developers have been limited by technological constraints at the system level that influenced the User Experience of their products significantly. The subpar experience has not been a hindrance to early growth because users, builders, and investors are frequently the same person, which means they are prepared to put up with lengthy, expensive, and friction-filled processes in order to prove their ideas.

As such, NEAR protocol believes in the concept of ‘The Decoupling’ as the point at which Users, Builders, and Investors begin to divide, going into adoption and growth cycles resembling those of mainstream technology.

The silicon craftsmen will devote their time and attention to pushing for better solutions and user experiences on the NEAR Protocol blockchain, as they feel NEAR protocol has overcome the majority of the technological constraints preventing growth while focusing on ease of use.

As a result, they claim they have created a network that is extraordinarily fast, inexpensive, safe, and composable, which will serve as the breeding ground for a Cambrian explosion of new decentralized apps.

NEAR Protocol also intends to bridge the divide that currently exists between the traditional realm of product design and the blockchain developer community. They are working towards:

– Creating onboarding experiences for Product Design, UX/UI, and creatives in general to enter the Blockchain area via Introductory Workshops, networking with established designers in crypto, and collaborating on real-world projects, among other things.

– Create content to offer best practices in Product Design for Builders. They want to make it easier for existing teams to upgrade their skills and for goods to be reviewed and improved on a continuous basis.

– Creation of content that emphasizes the Near blockchain’s important features and developments in order to recruit and onboard new developers.

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