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How Blockchain Is Redefining Gaming Industry

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The gaming industry is said to be one of the most exciting industries (if not the most) in tech because of its widespread efforts to merge culture and entertainment with technological advancement.

Undoubtedly, the evolution of the gaming industry has been shaped over the years by the tech industry; from Console to PC and then mobile gaming companies available to almost everyone. This evolution is not only in devices but in scope — from the ‘game and watch’, to interconnected online mobile games, video games, and now even virtual gaming. Gaming has come a long way both in graphical advancement and gaming experience.

From all indications, the online gaming experience is not just soaring on a daily basis, it positively impacts the gaming market due to a variety of new options. Such as engaging multiplayer games. And it is interesting to note that most of these online games involve features such as in-game assets for players.

Welcome Aboard Blockchain!

Blockchain continues to prove to the whole world how useful it is. Blockchain tech uses highly powerful data encryption technologies such as the use of private keys to secure crypto transactions. In other words, hacking a blockchain system and carting away currencies is almost impossible as it is with online in-game assets using blockchain technology.

Many times we have heard of an online game being compromised, and this is highly unlikely to happen with blockchain.

Technically, there are two ways to apply Blockchain in the gaming industry:

  • The entire game is built on the Blockchain. That is, the developer can run the entire game on Blockchain without relying on any centralized server.
  • The game could be run on a centralized server, but it will have a blockchain-based platform to manage the data, including in-game assets, tokens, digital currencies, and collectibles.

Here’s the Sweet Part

Think of Candy Crush, with great game stages and great in-game assets. What if a player can actually own the gathered assets in real life? That’s exactly what Blockchain-based gaming does.

Blockchain-based games use smart contracts. These smart contracts are self-executing terms of agreement between a buyer and a seller and it’s transparent. A gamer uses this to purchase on the game and can also be transferred back to their individual wallet addresses.

CryptoKitties, the best known blockchain game developed in 2017 uses Ethereum to create NFTs of cute cartoon cats with varying traits that can be bred to produce hybrid offspring.

CryptoBots is yet another multiplayer online game where you can purchase robots and power up their skills to compete with other players. In CryptoKitties, you can create unique virtual kittens. Similarly, with CryptoBots, you can create robots with unique skills and abilities.

Other Blockchain Games

EtherRockets – A decentralized game with collectible rockets, competitions and a user marketplace.

CryptoPets – A blockchain-based game that features collecting, trading, and training digital creatures across virtual worlds. (Think Pokemon merging with CryptoKitties).

Crypto Zombies — an interactive education-based set of games that teach you to write smart contracts in Solidity by building your own crypto-collectables.

Here’s Another Interesting Fact

Not only can gamers have access to their in-game assets and can transfer at will, much more, their assets are safely secured!

Centralized systems are easy prey for hackers. All it takes is a headshot to the control unit and it’s hijacked. Blockchain works on a decentralized platform, that is, there is no single control unit and thereby it is difficult to hijack. Since blockchain-based games equally share the decentralized platform, they appear impenetrable too, ensuring asset security.

More Power to Gamers

The vast majority of online games follow a centralized model. That is, all related data is connected to an administrative control. Data including account information, history, in-game assets, and money — these are all held up by the gaming company.

A merger with Blockchain gives room for democracy. Why? Blockchain is transparent. Meaning, gamers do not just see their assets but have total power over it and not the gaming company.

This also means that a gaming company can’t decide to pack up at will. This would be possible as a centralized system because they have access to all the operations, but a Blockchain based game cannot do this except with proper dialogue with the gamers. This creates a democratic process using voting and polls.


Blockchain is rebuilding the gaming industry faster as we know it, and it could mean an end to the monopolistic reign of a handful of gaming companies. Although it may take a few more years to see the full effect of blockchain usage in the gaming industry, we can hope for a more secure, transparent, and democratic gaming environment in the future.

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