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Big Eyes (BIG): The much anticipated cryptocurrency project

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Cryptocurrency was created in 2009. Since then, the value of cryptocurrency has grown vastly, and so has its number of users.

Today, in the world of finance, cryptocurrencies are one of the most important modes of making transactions. The number of cryptocurrencies trading in the markets today stands over 22,000. Market capitalization of cryptocurrencies stands at over $1 trillion. So, if one wants to invest in crypto, one would not know where to begin.

The top two ranked cryptocurrencies from across the world are Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). If you need to invest in cryptocurrencies, you should be investing in both of these. These two cryptocurrencies together enjoy 60% share of the crypto markets, at 18% and 42% respectively.

But, new entries are still making an entry into the cryptocurrency scene. The notable among them include Big Eyes Coin (BIG). These cryptocurrencies are making long strides in the industry without halting. This is only the beginning.

These are the times when irregularities and fear prevail in the markets. Investor sentiments, under such circumstances are undergoing a transformation. People have reached the juncture of giving up on certain cryptocurrencies entirely. For months, the people believed that certain cryptocurrencies would bounce back from recession, but that never happened. So, people are taking these cryptocurrencies off their portfolios.

At such a time, the sole area of focus is the market conditions at present, and as they are going to exist in the near future. This alone will dictate whether people’s decision was right or wrong. 

In the market, there arise several occasions wherein additional patience is called for. It just might happen that the portfolio picks that you have made begin to pay off.

Big Eyes Token is definitely the kind that you may want to retain in your portfolio in the given circumstances.

Big Eyes Coin finds success in the presale level 

Big Eyes Coin is a meme token based on a cat. It is best defined as Decentralised Finance (DeFi) owned by the community. Etherium Network has been used for building the Big Eyes Coin, but it has only been created in August 2022. 

As of 2023, industry experts are expecting the coin to become more interesting.

It cannot be denied that the meme coin’s run has been successful. But, this has to be attributed to the approach of the meme coin. They are connecting with the investors and discussing all that is there on offer. Earning wealth is just a part of it, and it goes deeper to cover contributing, and also donating to varied causes.

Investors’ hype regarding the Big Eyes Coin is a very real phenomenon. Presale of BIG is into the 10th stage already, and they have raised nearly $22 million as of date. 

The coin grows at a significant phase, making it an important phase for investors and Big Eyes Coin. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or presale tokens in cryptocurrency are going to be advantageous. This way, investors can get these tokens at discounted rates, even before the accessibility for the general public is opened.

If you invest in the tokens that are up for pre-sale, you’d also get an early access to the tokens that withhold the potential of high growth. The option to become a member of the project’s community will also be there. You could then involve yourself in the decision making process. 

If we consider the case of BIG, then we see that the reliance over the community is excessive. We can be assured that BIG is going to be owned by the community. 90% will be available at launch.

Overall, it is about easy earning that Big Eyes Coins are all about. Alternately, engagement activities are made available for the community as well. Investors get the access to content, merchandise and events via the means of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The commendable point regarding Big Eyes Token is that it makes a big contribution towards saving oceanic life and protecting the environment. In the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus of the meme token, crypto mining is eliminated. This is an alternate method that makes the token environment friendly.

In the case of Big Eyes Coin, an investor gets to use a visible wallet. Herein, for donating to different charities that save the oceans, 5% of the total token supply is reserved.

Etherium & Bitcoin are the reasons why cryptocurrencies exist at all

In the second half of 2022, cryptocurrencies experienced a disruptive period. But in the case of both of these powerhouses, widespread progress is expected as 2023 progresses.

There have been cases in 2023 wherein the trading volumes of Bitcoin and Etherium have breached $30 billion and $10 billion respectively within a matter of just 24 hours.

In the case of Big Eyes Token, before going live, the presale target stands at $50 million. It is safe to conclude that the Big Eyes Coin might become the greatest meme coin in the market.

LAUNCHBIGEYES200 was the recently concluded promo code of Big Eyes Token. Herein, the early investors were granted a bonus of 200% with the going Live of the meme token.


At this time, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may still stand at the stage of presale as a premium meme coin project. But for your portfolio, it is a pick not to be missed.

BIG has proven to be an outstanding wealth generator. It has accumulated vast numbers in the bear market.

Meme coins have a certain reputation across the markets. They are known to be heavy gainers. In the case of BIG, the story is not different at all. Investors have demonstrated an inclination to bet early on the project. If we consider the outlook of crypto enthusiasts, they are near about sure that the next big thing in the crypto markets will be Big Eyes.

One of the most regular features in the market is meme pumps. The price range of Big Eyes is perfect for guaranteeing a massive takeoff. Even as presale is a low-risk proposition for the investors, the profit margins are exceptionally large.

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