Friday, September 29, 2023

 Thala Lab on Testnet | Possible Airdrop

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  • What is ThalaLab ?

Thala is a DeFi protocol that Building $MOD, a decentralized, yield-bearing stablecoin and the liquidity provisioning layer on Aptos Blockchain, and offers several key products, including the stablecoin Move Dollar ($MOD), Thala Swap AMM, and Launchpad.

⏤ StableCoin

$MOB backed by a basket of on-chain assets, including liquid staked derivatives, liquidity pool tokens, deposit receipt tokens, and real-world assets (RWAs). The $MOB is over-collateralized and yield-bearing, offering both stability and profitability to its users

⏤ Thala Swap

Thalaswap is a Automated Market Maker (AMM) and The dex offers three different pool types (weighted, stable, and liquidity bootstrapping) enable deep liquidity for Thala’s stablecoin, Move Dollar (MOD), across the Aptos ecosystem

⏤Thala Launch

Thala Launchpad provides a accessible way for new projects to create and issue their tokens. They can leverage the liquidity pool and community support provided by Thala to get their project off the ground.

• Funding

Thala Labs has raised $6 million in a seed round led by @shimacapital@WhiteStarCap and @paraficapital …

• Tokenomics

On Docs there is 35% $THL for Community for incentivize CDP (Stability Pool) and AMM

⎘ “Less $THL Airdrop Chances but who know ?🪂 ”

• What to Do ?

⏤ Connect your aptos wallet(patra) to app

⏤ Claim Faucet

⏤ Mint $MOD with claimed faucet

⏤ Deposit a portion of your minted $MOD into stability pool

⏤ Add liquidity to USDC/MOD pool. Stake it to earn Test $APT Reward

⏤ Swap MOD to USDC using ThalaSwap.

Step to step Guide :

• Claim Thala Labs Testnet Campaign NFT

⎘ “After completing above task it’s takes ~24 horse to update on Galxe, so check back soon….”

Claim Link :

Collect it free🤝


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